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Calling for reunion celebrations is one of greatest times of the year in which friends and relatives are called to come from other states for union celebrations. Basically it is a way of family gathering and relatives come from other states join reunion parties and celebrations and share their experiences, incidents and recipes as well. Reunion is not limited to just family and relatives but it can also be friend’s reunion, class reunion, office reunion etc. Following are several of reasons for celebrating reunion parties and gatherings.

  • Seeing the loved ones after long time
  • Enjoy celebrations
  • Enjoy food and fellowship
  • Remind the old memories

Lots of things are arranged on the occasion of reunion whether it is for family, friends, office colleagues etc. Special food recipes are prepared, music is arranged, reunion games are played together, outing programs are arranged and it is tried to have lots of fun, excitement and enjoyment in reunion parties. First of all reunion letters are arranged to write to the individuals who have to call to come and join reunion celebrations. There is no specific day or date for celebrating reunion parties as you can select day and date of your own choice to celebrate reunion parties.

Reunion letter can be said an invitation but it is not limited to just invitation as it can be a way of memorizing friends and family members to join reunion celebrations as were celebrated in the past year. Some families keep the date and day same for reunion parties of every year and they just have to memorize their friends and family members about this amazing day is coming to have fun and enjoyment. Family members can arrange things like games, food recipes, gifts, travelling arrangements and other lots of things to bring to the reunion party. As reunion letter can be written in personal relationships and for professional fellowship hence it would be somehow different in its body part. Other contents of reunion letter will be same like name and address of the individuals to whom you are going to write reunion letter, your name and address, date, subject of letter etc.

Writing reunion letter for personal relations or for professional fellowship is also different in the way you have to use decent and professional like wording in professional reunion letters. In personal relations, you don’t have to be such professional, limited and short as well. You can write reunion invitation or letter in a frank manner just to memorize your loved one to come and join your reunion celebrations. In fact, all business related or professional related documents and letters need to keep in professional manner and you cannot be so frank in writing such letters. Whatever the way and format you chose to write reunion letter, it must accomplish all requirements, basics and contents of reunion letter so that there may not occur any confusion or mishap at the time of reunion or in arrival of your loved ones and friends.

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Sample Reunion Letter

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