Salary Request Letter

Salary request letter can also be identified as letter of addressing salary requirements even at the start of your job, during job and when you are thinking of changing organization for the issue of low salary package. This letter can be said a way to negotiate with employer about your salary requirements and requests in most professional way. You need to stay very professional, decent even asking for your rights from the employer. Salary request letter is one of important documentation of an organization in which you talk and negotiate on salary package given to you when you are just new to the organization. It is said that negotiating salary at the start of your career is best than leaving it to discuss later.

Salary request letter is simple form of letter written to the employer by employees to request about increasing salary or negotiating important points of your salary package. This letter is written by the individuals who are not satisfied with salary package given to them for their job and duties at the workplace. It is your obvious right to talk about this issue but you must stay very decent and behave like professionals for asking about increment in salary. Using salary request letter regarding this is very important to convey your point of view to the employer. Salary request letter is written in the same way as other business letters are written for necessary negotiation.

Main contents of salary request letter are:

  • Name, address and contact details of employee
  • Employer name/organization name
  • Date of joining job
  • Details of your job description
  • Current salary package
  • Required salary package
  • Signature of employee

Manually written business letters, notifications and applications are just part of past and now well drafted and professionally written documents are valued in all organizations. Hence, salary request letter must be accomplished in the same professional way just like other important documentation of business organizations is done. Variety of Performa’s and patterns are provided by organizations itself to use for any of purpose including letters, notifications, applications and business notes.

You must accomplish salary request letter in best professional way to negotiate your requirements of salary package before employer. There may be several things to have for format and pattern to write professional looking salary request letter. The one of them is using salary request letter templates that are widely available on web even free and charged. If you are interested in making salary request letter create in the best professional way, using salary request letter template is ideal way to do this. These templates are basically ready to use formats and patterns for lots of business documents and you can select most appropriate format for salary request letter according to your requirements and then can put your required contents in that format. Using template is quite convenient, time saving and money saving way of creating best professional like documents. It is up to you which way you select to accomplish salary request letter in the best professional way.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Salary Request Letter created using MS Word,

Salary Request Letter

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