Sample Inquiry Letter

An inquiry letter is just about finding job opening in organizations and companies. It is also known as prospecting letter or letter or interest to be sent to companies where jobs and positions are vacant but they do not give advertisement in newspapers. Inquiry letters can be sent via mail and email but letter that are sent through email are most of the time not considered as inquiry letter. They are just noticed as email. Inquiry letter consists of some particular information and contents about your potential, skills and experience in relevant field and their own requirements for hiring an individual to work efficiently. Inquiry letter also suggests you how to follow up the vacant position and also your contact information.

Inquiry letter is one of official and professional like document so it needs to prepare in best professional way. Contents, basics and requirements of inquiry letter are same as other sorts of official letters are written however body of inquiry letter would be absolutely different containing information about job opening, organizational requirements and abilities of job seekers. It is better to make inquiry letter in well drafted way instead of hand written because such official and professional like documents are not accepted as hands written. Format and layout must also be right in the way to look professional. Given below is content list of inquiry letter that you must consider before writing inquiry letter in the best professional way.

  • Your name
  • Your address
  • Your city name, state, ZIP code
  • Your phone number
  • Your email address
  • Date
  • Name of contact person
  • Title of company
  • Address
  • City, state, ZIP code
  • Addressing the contact person
  • Message body of inquiry letter
  • Your name/signature

All these are usual and common contents of inquiry letter that you must accomplish to make this letter look professional and considerable. Inquiry letter must also be well drafted. Some people make this mistake to write such letters and official documents hands written but they are not often accepted as professional look is main requirement of such official documents and letters. To make inquiry letter look very professional, you must choose right and accurate format for it. Software packages are very good to make inquiry letter look good and captivating as well. Moreover, you can take help from inquiry letter templates that are widely available on different websites. You can even get free downloading of inquiry letter template and can make it in your own way. Templates are found to be very easy and convenient in giving such a professional look to such official documents and letters. Templates provide ready to use format in which all contents and information can be put according to requirements. These templates are easily customizable so you don’t need to have any other way for writing inquiry letter in the best way.

It is up to you which method or way you choose to write inquiry letter but remember it must accomplish all its requirements in the best way.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Inquiry Letter created using MS Word,

Inquiry Letter

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