Recommendation Letter for a Friend

In this highly competitive world, it is a fact that companies, organizations, and institutions have a highly competitive applicant pool. Generally, they look for applicants who have a good character and who are capable enough to make a strong and positive impact in the future. This makes a recommendation letter so important. Besides an applicant’s own self advocacy, some of his/her impressive qualities and traits can be highlighted properly in a well written letter.

Although it is a great honor if your friend asks you to write a recommendation letter for him/her; however, it is also very weighty because your letter might play a major role in determining whether your friend will be able to fulfill his/her dreams by getting admission/job of his/her choice. Therefore, a strong recommendation letter is the key. For this, you need to follow a few guidelines to ensure that you write a strong, properly formatted and effective recommendation letter.

Before writing a recommendation letter, make sure for which friend you are writing the letter. Is it your childhood friend or a new one? If it is your childhood friend, you can start writing the letter right away; however, if he or she is your new friend and you don’t know much about him or her, then it is better to ask your friend to give his/her resume or any other related documents that highlight his/her past work experiences as well as their general character and behavior with others and level of productivity report. These documents will assist you to reference particulars and details about your friend in the letter.

Start the letter with the salutation, i.e. “To Whom It May Concern”. Next, write your name and the name of your friend in the first line. Then, write briefly about how long you have known him or her and in what context. While writing the body of a letter, be specific. You can state specific examples of your friend’s personal abilities and qualities, capability of handling workload and tough situations, and his/her dedication to work.

Also, explain why you believe that their company/organization/institution is a good fit for your friend, as well as how he/she might grow from this experience and how their organization can take advantage of having him/her. Include all the relevant information about your friend by providing the reference with particulars of his/her achievements, job description, a copy of the resume, and a synopsis of any relevant experience.

Furthermore, remember to keep your mind on the opening and closing of your assessment, so that the letter leaves a lasting impression on the reader. After writing the letter, make sure to proofread it for spelling, formatting or grammar mistakes because poor formatting, grammar mistakes, and wrong spellings can ruin all of your effort that you put in writing a strong and effective recommendation letter, despite having a good and convincing content.

In a nutshell, give a comprehensive sketch of your friend, his/her achievements in academic and professional career, as well as his/her interpersonal skills and general characteristics.

Follow these simple and easy guidelines to make your recommendation letter stand out from the crowd, which might be of great help to your friend in getting what he/she wants.

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