Sample Hardship Letter

Hardship letter is submitted to lender or service provider on request when loan duration is modified. Hardship letter helps you to avoid foreclosure and managing issues in mortgage payment. Most of people think about this letter that it is to write for dealing with all types of financial services. You have to write hardship letter and provide to lender or service provider for some of genuine reasons including:

  • Unemployment
  • Continuous reduction in payment
  • Diseases or medical emergency
  • Transfer in job
  • Separation or other marital problems
  • Death in family
  • Unexpected maintenance of home

Hardship letter is one of official and professional like document so it must be written in the same way accomplishing all its contents, requirements and basics. It is very important to know what you must include in hardship letter while you sit to write it. Given below are some of useful tips to write hardship letter in best professional way.

It is necessary to be detailed while writing hardship letter as you will have to convey the reasons about why you want to stop payment for your house. You need to be very detailed for giving all facts and reasons on request of lender or service provider. However, be straight forward and very clear in giving details and reasons of quitting full monthly payment for house.

Writing such professional like document is difficult in the way that you have to stay brief while giving details of your action with lender or service provider or any other relevant to your transactions. You will have to include minimum words to your letter while giving all details as lender would never be interested in long stories what happened with your last year. All your narration in hardship letter must be brief, very clear and straight forward.

Emotions are not need to include while writing hardship letter as it is just an official document. However, you can evoke little bit emotions to get sympathy of lender and service provider to proceed your request of mortgation.

You are more flexible to ask for help to lender or service provider in hardship letter by telling him clearly what you actually want in current situation. You may choose among loan modification, short sale like services from lender and you must be very clear to ask lender for such help and support.

While ending hardship letter, you must show your gratitude for getting any type of support or help in loan modification. Your words for gratitude must be very clear and unique to make next person feel you are really in critical situation and want help.

All these are genuine tips to make hardship write in the professional and winning manner to have support and help from lender and service provider. Moreover, format, pattern and layout for hardship letter would be very similar or almost like other types of letter that are used to write for official purpose and require same professional look so you must also focus on following right format for hardship letter.

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Hardship Letter

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