Parental Permission Letter (for Studies)

Regarding different rules and regulations in various countries and states, we can discuss and argue about the difference in these guidelines or instructions but most of the time, there is a similarity between these rules as they are designed to benefit the citizens. The rule that ask the underage children to provide their parents’ permission letter in order to travel out of the state or abroad is one of the most common permission letters. With this letter, the parents sign the consent that they are allowing their child to travel abroad along with the specific reason for the traveling i.e. studies, visit, vacation etc.

Brief Description of Parental Permission Letter (for studies):

As an underage kid, if you want to travel abroad for study purposes, you need to ask your parents or legal guardians to give you written permission for your travel. In your own country and the country where you will travel, there are several departments that will require this letter. Starting with your own country, when you apply for the permission to travel to another country, the office will ask you to provide written consent from your parents that in fact, is the permission letter from your parents allowing you to visit for study purposes. In the same manner, when you apply for visa in another country, the embassy will ask you to present the same letter of consent from your parents. When you apply for enrolment in a college or university in another country, the administration will also ask you to provide the permission letter before the registration. At the airport, the airport employees will also ask you to present the same parental permission letter for studies.

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Parental Permission Letter

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