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If a patient usually underage children wants to travel out of the state or country while they have a medical condition that is known to get severe sometimes, it is required for such person to present written consent from their physician or doctor allowing them to travel to their destination. If you want to travel with your child who is medically ill or you are the actual patient, you need to write this permission request letter to your doctor and after explaining the reasons for traveling out of the country, you ask for his or her permission. In return, if the doctor thinks you can travel or visit abroad, he will write you a permission letter allowing you to go on the trip.

Brief Description of Doctor Permission Letter:

When you or one of your children have a medical condition, you need to contact with your physician before making any choices that can affect the condition somehow. For example, you have heart problem and you want to travel to another country for a business meeting, before confirming your ticket, you need to contact with your doctor and explain your situation to him. If he thinks your condition is stable enough, he will allow you to travel. In return of your request letter, the doctor will write you a permission letter in which he not only gives his written consent but also explains your medical condition so that if there is some kind of emergency, the doctors in the other country can contact him and consult with him regarding your condition. In specific situations i.e. particular medical conditions, the doctors also provide their recommendations and guidelines to their patients regarding their medical condition and the travel or destination arrangements i.e. in case of asthma, the doctor can provide atmospheric situations of the destination so that the patient can take precautions during the travel.

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Doctor Permission Letter

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