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Searching for metal is an interesting activity and you may find a number of places for this purpose. Some time you have to do this assignment on private property that require proper permission. You have to spare some days to get permission in order to do better work than other people. In this regard you may write a permission letter to the owner of the home in which you may tell him about you assignment. The majority of the people will throw you letter in the garbage in spite of the jugglery of words you have included to impress the owner as well as a self addressed stamped envelope.

You want to know that the best way of getting permission, then you should remember that asking for permission in person is one of the best ways. The etiquettes adopted to ask permission also a vital in success and failure. The right way is considered when you wear presentably with clean pants and good looking shirt without the hat on your head. You should not keep your detector in your one hand and a spade in the other hand.

First of all you ought to introduce yourself properly and communicate what you wish to do. You may narrate your past experience including local history as a reason that persuades you to pursue this place. You must ensure the owner in your permission letter that you will not perform any destructive activity and will clean up any debris you discover.

In case you are keeping more than one metal detector, you can ask the owner of the territory to participate in discovering the metal along with you. This strategy will go a long way to serve a couple of purposes. They get to contribute and keep a vigil eye on you and you get to initiate them to the pastime.

It is not a bad idea to hand out business cards when people inform you no. there may occur a change in their heart later on and they may require your services in case they misplace some valuable thing. You should not get disheartened in case people say that you are not able to discover on their property. You should say them a bundle of thanks and go on to some other place.

You should keep in mind that, getting permission, you should not leave any stone unturned in filling all of your holes removing all of the trash and leaving the area clean to a great extent. The people whose property you have detected can recommend their friends and relatives for this service.

It is better way that you begin asking whether you can discover in an old place of worship, some hundred year old farmhouse or any school house. It is possible that your request will be rejected for some cases but you will surely get permission in a number of places and will be the personality who detected that site for first time.

You should not forget that on private property you cannot this exercise as it is considered trespassing. You can be arrested for this transgression besides confiscation of your precious metal detecting paraphernalia.

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Permission Letter

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