Sample Retirement Letter

Retirement letter is written to the person who stops employment completely and says good bye to his/her organization, colleagues etc. Retirement letter is written by the organization from which the person is getting retired. Retirement is an amazing point in an individual’s life when he or she has to say good bye to all of his colleagues permanently. Retirement letter is not just bound to write by the organization while it can be written by the retired person as piece of gratitude to his/her organization. This letter typically relates to professional life of an individual so it must be accomplished in the best professional way. Usual requirements of professionally written retirement letter are:

  • Accurate format and pattern
  • Using concise but details oriented letter
  • Making use of nice and professional words
  • Free from spelling and grammar mistakes
  • Addressed properly

When you think of writing professional looking retirement letter to your organization or to the person getting retired, you must accomplish all basics and requirements mentioned above.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Retirement Letter written using MS Word to help you,

Retirement Letter

Given below tips are based on sample retirement letter that you can consider to accomplish in the best professional way.

  • First of all use most professional looking and appropriate format and pattern for retirement letter. Format and pattern is the very first point to come to the eyes of the reader and builds your image before reader so it must be appropriate and must accomplish all requirements.
  • Start writing retirement letter from subject statement. For example, you must write it in the way; Letter of retirement OR retirement letter.
  • Then include your name, complete address with city, state, ZIP code, phone numbers and email address.
  • Also include date of writing retirement letter.
  • Then write organization name or title, address including city, state, ZIP code, phone numbers and email address.
  • Salutation is very important aspect of writing such professional letters. So you must write salutation in the way; dear Mr. Ms. Last name.
  • If you are writing retirement letter as a retired person from your organization, you must start body section of this letter thanking for all benefits, support and services you have been received throughout your employment career. You must start writing this section of retirement letter by stating your designation from which you are being retired.
  • If retirement letter is written by the management or authority of organization itself, it should start thanking the retired person for his/her professional services that he had bestowed to the organization. If the retired person is going to have any award of achievement, it must be mentioned in the retirement letter explaining the key achievements and success of that individual’s professional career.
  • Some of important information is necessary to put while writing retirement letter for example, joining dates, dates of transfers, important achievements of retired person, retirement date and something else.
  • Retirement letter must be written in typed form as it stands in professional documentation of organization and must look very professional and well drafted. Hands written retirement letter is not accepted.

All these are pros and cons of writing a professional like retirement letter.

Here is download link for above shown Free Sample Retirement Letter,

Download Sample Retirement Letter.

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