Sample Promotion Request Letter

A promotion request letter is particularly written by an employee of the organization requesting to get his/her desired position in the organization. This letter is written in very particular time when employee really deserves that position. Most of organizations provide opportunities to their own employees to fill the vacancies vacant in the organizations. Writing promotion letter at that time can be more convincing and right to get higher position in the organization. Promotion request letter is accomplished within the organization to most appropriate person who is responsible for hiring employees. You have to be very professional while writing promotion request letter as it stands in one of important and professional documents of the organization. Given below are some of general and specific tips to write a convincing promotion request letter.

Waiting for the right time to write a promotion request letter is very important aspect of your professionalism and career advancement. You need to be aware of current circumstances and stability condition of the organization and also be aware of available vacancies regarding higher positions. Writing promotion request letter is not right at the time when company is downsizing. It would be ideal time for you to offer your contribution in upgrading your organization.

You must keep in mind that your promotion request letter may not be considered or accepted by the higher management of the organization. You must not take it personal and try to understand the factor involve in your promotion.

You must give details of your capabilities to give your best on particular higher position on which you want to work. This time, you have to be very responsible for what you are saying about you and your previous performance in the organization. You can also mention your achievements for the organization. This would become more convincing for management to give you a chance of working on higher position.

Include details of your recent working activities in the organization and highlight your achievements and awards in your department.

You must deliver very positive, decent and nice behavior while writing promotion request letter as this is one of most considerable aspects of employees who are promoted to more responsible positions.

You must be very dignities while requesting for promotion. Your request for promotion must not like begging, weak or desperate.

Promotion request letter must not be extra lengthy. In fact, request letter of one page is sufficient to write while asking for promotion.

Now have a glance on general tips for writing professional like letters.

Accuracy is main point that is considered by the reader so your promotion request letter must be right in spelling, grammar, format, pattern and use of font size, style etc.

Just give concrete examples of your performance and achievements.

Promotion request letter must be brief but details oriented giving all necessary details about what you have done and can do for the organization.

All these are general and particular letter writing tips that you must consider while accomplishing promotion request letter.

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