Sample Termination Letter

Hiring and firing are important parts of businesses and professional life and you have to follow then when necessary. Termination letter is written to terminate or fire employees for several of reasons including poor performance, misconduct at workplace, ignoring company’s policies and strategies, frequent and continuous absence and lots of others. Employers have to write termination letter for the person who is being fired and terminate from company. Creating a termination letter means you are going to end an employee’s employment but only from your own organization and company. Termination letter must be written carefully considering lots of things for the betterment and future of that employee who is being fired. It is ok if you are not convenient with him/her but you must leave space for him/her to find his career in any other organization.

Termination letter is very important in the way that it would serve you as written record if you need to present for any lawsuit. Other names of termination letter include employee termination letter, pink slip and letter to fire an employee. You need to stay very responsible even while writing termination letter. Following are some of tips and guidelines for you to write termination letter in most professional way.

  • Basic demographic information is necessary to include in termination letter. Name, designation and company name must be written in this regard and this should be initial and introductory information of termination letter.
  • Remember, reason for terminating an employee must be solid and genius. In next section of termination letter, you will have to state reason of firing and terminating the employee. Give reasons in detailed manner to make things clear for you and employee as well. It is necessary to give a peace of mind to employee for giving solid reason of firing him/her from your organization.
  • You must also mention for how many times that employee was warned for said problems and reasons. Also mention those warnings were verbal or written or both.
  • Be very clear in stating about company’s property used by that employee. For example, you may have given laptop, car and others to that employee for official uses. If you are going to take back your company’s property from employee, don’t forget to include this information in termination letter.
  • Make it very clear if fired employee is using any of company’s benefits like insurance, medical facilities, housing facilities and others. You must clearly mention whether employee can use all these facilities or you want to just quit everything with that employee.
  • Must talk about salary and final checks given to employee when he/she was fired or terminated. You must consider vacations and absence of employee while arranging final pay and salary for terminated employee.

All these are things that you must accomplish while writing termination letter as this is would be right and fair way of writing termination letter and accomplishing termination of employee from your organization. It is better to type termination letter rather than hand written.

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