Job Offer Decline Letter

While going through the incident of job seeking, it is imperative to know how to draft a cover letter, a thank you letter as well as an occupation recognition letter. It is also very significant for you to send a letter to the employer in case you decline a job offer. The purpose behind drafting this letter is informing the employer that you are not in a position to accept the offered job. Normally you may inform the concerned quarter verbally about your decision, but it is also the foremost obligation on your part to send a letter to your employer to decline the job that will go a long way in creating goodwill gesture in his mind. If you are not fully aware of writing such letter, you may follow the following guidelines to meet your purpose.

In this regard you are required to keep your letter extensive. You have to keep the actual reasons of declining the job to yourself. You need not to mention why you do not like to work for the organization. In case you give specification of declining the job, you are not only damaging your reputation but also future chance of getting job in this organization. It is possible that there is some close connection between the previous and the would-be organizations. It is therefore, necessary to be safe to say sorry and keep actual reasons and feeling in your own mind.

In your declining letter, your content should be positive. There should not be any negative thing in your letter about the organization at all. Moreover, you should not mention the name of the owner or company you are going to join. You must avoid creating any type of conflict between the two organizations. You may state that you are in search of some better job opportunity befitting to your targets.

You should avoid giving long details in your declining letter. Your letter should precisely communicate all information that is necessary at this place. Your letter should not comprise on more three or four precise paragraphs that requires conveying your employer that you are not joining the job.

Actually the letter you are going to write to your employer for declining the job is a thank you letter as well. It is obligation on your part to thank and appreciate the employer for giving you a chance to serve in his organization. It is a great thing for you which cannot be ignored. In case you do not respect and appreciate his offer, it will create an impression that you are unthankful for the job offer.

Your declining letter should be written in a befitting and professional manner. It must have a formal and professional tinge of a cover letter. You must ensure that the letter should be free from spelling, typing and grammatical mistakes. Though, you are not accepting the offer, yet the employer should not think that he took wrong decision in appointing you for the job.

Generally speaking, a decline letter is wide short, straight and professionally written without any grammatical mistake. This letter is also a symbol of appreciation for job offer that should not be overlooked in your letter. It is also a part and parcel of job application process.

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Job Offer Decline Letter

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