Sample Certification Letter

Certification letter is one of important letters to be written in employment. This letter is written to verify some important information about the previous history of employees in employment. Letter of certification need to have in different phases of employment i.e. leaving job, getting new job, changing career, resolving legal issues and so on. Letter of certification is literally important for employees as it also works as record keeping of their career and employment history. This letter clearly shows what your previous job in the organization was and what the capacity of your work was. Another use of certification letter is to write for individuals who complete any of courses, training sessions, exams etc.

Like other documentations of organizations, certification letter must be written in the most professional. Certification letter is used for many times in recipient’s life. Organizations and institutes are responsible to accomplish certification letter and this must be accomplished in the best professional way. Given below are authentic tips for you to write certification letter in the right way.

  • Keeping certification letter concise and brief is very important aspect as there is no room of giving extra detail in this letter. Just pertinent details are necessary to mention in this letter. This is the way you can make it look professional.
  • Give some particular information and contents to certification letter including name of organization/institute, pertinent name, logo, title of course, training or achievement, duration of course, signature etc. More than this information and contents would make certification letter messy and look bad.
  • Certification letter also stands among awards to be given in employment and educational career so this should be accomplished according to theme of organization or institute to make it attractive.
  • Certification letter is flexible to give remarks and comments about the recipient by the organization or institute. Remarks and comments must be unique and attractive to read.
  • Make use of attractive but professional like font style and size to make certification letter look good.
  • You are suggested to take help from software packages to accomplish certification letter in the best way. These packages provide you ready to use format or Performa for making such professional like letters and documents.
  • Making use of online templates is another option for you if you are familiar with operating computer. Templates are very good and convenient way of making such official like documents and letters. All contents can be customized on personal requirements.
  • Contents are more important aspect of certification letter even all letters and documents to be used in professional life. So it is better to proof read certification letter after accomplishing it.
  • Certification letter must be free from spelling and grammar mistakes and it should be accomplished by the person who holds good control over English grammar and language.

All these tips are necessary to follow for making a professional like, attractive and convincing certification letter. Whatever the way or method you chose to accomplish certification letter, it must look good and professional as well.

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Employment Certificate Letter

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