Sample Confirmation Letter

Actually a confirmation letter is a post that is essentially sent to the concerned person in order to confirm a verbal agreement. It may be related to business or some personal matter. This letter can be used in a variety of situations this letter can authenticate a reservation of some flight or other transport facility, reply to an invitation, confirm the receipt of some services, or seminar and meeting arrangements. If you are going through such situation, you may follow these steps in order to plan a confirmation letter.

If you intend to write the confirmation letter that deals with your business matters, it is your paramount obligation to utilize letterhead or any recognized appearance of your name and address. It makes no difference if you make use of pre-printed label with same information. If you are going to write confirmation letter regarding some of your personal issues, you are allowed not only to make use of any type of paper but also can include personal substance without any fear. There may be a place where the inclusion of an email is essential but you have to follow the proper guidelines and correct procedure.

Keeping in view the substance of the letter, it is a better way to start your confirmation letter with verbal warm welcome so that the reader could feel good gesture about you and your organization to a great extent. It should be remembered that in some business letters, you are duty bound to use “Dear Sir or Madame” or other similar greeting. In case your correspondence is further informal or the addressee of your confirmation letter is a business acquaintance as well as your close friend, then you are not bound to follow formalities and may use first name or more informal wording according to your concern.

While writing a letter regarding some arrangement of meeting or seminar, it is very important for you to confirm details of the arrangement in order to provide satisfaction to your guest. For this purpose you must include specifically the date, time and location of the event in your letter, you have to concentrate on other details which you think are relevant to the agreement. It may be kept in mind that three fine points can be the liability for some particular tasks or remaining tasks that are required to be done.

If you are writing a confirmation letter to someone in which you are requesting him to accept the responsibility of some particular assignment, you may ask them to confirm whether the arrangement is agreeable. You could include in your letter that you will wait for their written reply in this respect

You ought to use attractive words like,” I am glad to confirm,” or “I was satisfied to receive,” as replying in receipt of items that require confirmation. You should not hesitate to write a term such as “Sincerely” or “Respectfully,” containing your typed name and placing your signature above that. You should not overlook using your full name in cse of business letters. Moreover the exercise of proofreading is required special attention if the letter is related to a business agreement.

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Sample Confirmation Letter

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