Sample Complaint Letter

As the title shows a complaint letter is just about complaining about any inconvenience at your workplace and you have to write this letter to authority of your company. It is very common and normal that you can have some issues regarding your satisfaction at workplace and you have to complaint about these issues to higher management. Moreover, customers also have to write complaint letter to product or services brand for what are issues with their products and services. Writing complaint letter is one of the best and beneficial ways of resolving your issue regarding anything but in a very decent, mannered and polite way. Here are some of requirements for writing a complaint letter that you must consider and accomplish before starting write complaint letter against any issue.

  • Straight forward, clear and concise
  • Mannered, decent and polite in words
  • Appropriate format or layout
  • Better use of font size and style
  • Professional like
  • Should not be scary

Now just read the following lines to learn drafting Complaint Letter in the best way.

  • For example, you are addressing any product or services brand for any of issue or complaint, you must write this letter to customer services department as this department is responsible to deal with customer’s issues, problems, complaints and suggestions. Your letter will be noticed to act efficiently and effectively. It is better to address the customer services department through name of manager or director of this department.
  • Now let’s start writing body of complaint letter and very first line of your letter must be based on reason for which you have to write this letter. You should describe your issue or complaint giving pertinent facts along with dates of your transaction and method of using product or rendering service of that brand. You may need to give relevant serial and model numbers for registering your complaint.
  • You can also state suggestions, remedies and solutions of the relevant problem that can better satisfy you regarding use of their products and services. Company can arrange replacement, refund or repair like facilities and you must be ready to avail them.
  • If you are writing complaint letter for the very first time to the management of company, avoid threatening about taking legal actions against issues and complaints you have to suffer with their products and services. However, this can be accomplished if your first complaint letter is not responded properly by that company.
  • You need to attach or enclose copies of some important documents like receipts, guarantees, warranties, copies of checks you may have sent and any other that can be supported to your complaint letter.
  • You can end your complaint letter by giving them a time limit to resolve your problem or complaint. Clearly mentioning your requirements for products and services would also be good to avail facilities of company.

All these are requirements and things you need to accomplish to write a complaint letter in most effective but polite and well mannered way.

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Sample Complaint Letter

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