Sample Complaint Response Letter

Complaints and criticism are must to accept and welcome by all small and large scale organizations as they cannot move towards business growth and development without customer’s concern regarding products and services. It is very important for each organization to know what requirements of people regarding their products and services are and they have to furnish their requirements to build trust worthy relations with customers. We can say that companies and organizations provide an indirect way to their customers for notifying their complaints, queries and comments for products and services to be used. A complaint process is completed with receiving complaint letters and notifications from customers and organizations are responsible to give response to the complaints of customers.

Complaint response letter is very particular type of letter that organization has to write to satisfy customers or to provide solutions of their complaints and problems. It is better to write complaint response letter as earlier as possible but this cannot be done without proper investigation about existence of said complaint or problem by customers. It often happens that customers just do pranks with organizations and there is not issue at all. This is the reason complaint response letter cannot be written too much earlier as customers expect. After accomplishing investigation process, management of organization is responsible to write complaint response letter and there are surely some of basics, contents and requirements to write this letter in most professional way.

Given below are some of general tips to help you to write complaint response letter in the best way.

In start of complaint response letter, you have to be thankful and appreciate the person who has written complaint letter to your organization for pointing out any issue coming in your products or services.

You have to convey your feelings of sympathy and sorry for the inconvenience that customers had to face. This is the way you can decreases the customer’s bad feeling and anger regarding your poor management for products and services.

In complaint response letter, you can also tell the customer about reasons of occurring any issue for products and services to be used by customer.

You must have to tell the customers about steps and things to be done for rectifying your mistake in products or services. You must assure the customers about future improvement in production, delivery and other management aspects of your organization.

Offering any sort of reward to the person who had complaint can also be a good option to show your gratitude and consider his/her complaint in the best way. The reward may be of any of special discount, voucher, small piece of gift or any of your products etc. This is one of the ways to build long term relationships with customers.

You must end complaint response letter assuring customers again that his/her problems or complaint has been considered by management and they will surely do better things next time to avoid complaints and issues.

All these are tips that you must consider while writing complaint response letter in most professional way.

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Complaint Response Letter

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