Sample Charity Letter

If you are running a nonprofit welfare organization or NGO, you need to write charity letter or charity request letter frequently as part of your job. It is necessary to write an impressive and professional like charity letter to develop and groom your welfare efforts. Which can be source of inspiration to write an effective and convincing charity letter? Obviously general rules and regulations to write charity letter can help you to accomplish this task in most professional way. Charity letter is one of important correspondence documents of any of welfare organization, charity foundation, NGO and fundraising association.

Before start discussing rules and tips to write charity letter, it is important to make you aware of typical forms or types of charity letter. For example, you may have to write:

  • Charity request letter
  • Charity thank you letter
  • Charity information letter
  • Others

Charity Letter Writing Tips

  • Making use of “I” and “You” is one of most important rule to engage reader in reading your letter and this is extremely important while you are writing letter for charity request, thanking the donors, delivering some of important information about charity projects etc.
  • In case of writing charity request letter, base wording of your letter on benefits of donor’s donation and charity not on just needs and requirements of needy people and your organization.
  • It is very important to discuss running charity project on behalf of your organization or association. This would be impressive and would drive donors to contribute their shares in charity projects. You must provide brief details of charity projects you are going to start or running already.
  • Money or financial support is literally important to have from donors so don’t be shy and vague to ask for money rather than any sorts of support/aid.
  • Charity letter must be written in straight forward manner to get attention of donors. Avoid using complicated sentences and words. Make use of easy sentences in easy to read English.
  • There are no hard and fast rules to keep charity letter short or concise as you can write this letter as long as you have to discuss charity information, projects, requests and benefits.
  • Charity request letter must not consist of just asking for money but you must have to give reasons for getting money for specific charity project. You can give details about how donated money will spend on accomplishing needs of deserving people.
  • Write charity letter in the way to attract the attention of donors or readers not just make it as formal as it seems boring and unappealing.
  • Charity letters must be accomplished in well drafted and typed form rather than hands written. This is the letter to communicate people for getting donations and charity and you just focus to make them impressive by your letter.
  • Charity letter must be written in appropriate format and pattern as professional looking and well drafted charity letter can be more appealing and convincing to donors.

Follow the rules given above and prepare a professionally written charity letter. In case, you need to have a look at an example of Charity Letter, here it is:

Sample Charity Letter

Here is download link for this Sample Charity Letter,


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