Sample Hotel Reservation Letter

Hotel reservation or confirmation letter is very particular type of letter that is written by hotel management to send to their customers and guests for booking of hotel rooms and dining reservation. Writing hotel reservation letter is just about hospitality of hotel and restaurant management that is ultimately an essential part of their hotel services. Hotel reservation letter can be said a piece of acknowledgement on behalf of hotel management. In hotel reservation letters, some of important points are clearly stated for convenience of hotel management and guests to be arrived in hotel. Information that is given in hotel reservation letter include:

  • Names and addresses of both parties
  • Date/day of reservation
  • Date of arrival and departure
  • Number of guests
  • Rates and charges of dining and room reservation
  • Number and types of rooms booked
  • Details of package
  • Payment terms and mode

It just depends on hotel services whether reservation of dining and rooms is guaranteed or non-guaranteed. Hotel reservation letter also used to as record keeping of making transactions and bookings with customers. This letter is such an important piece that it can be used for legal consideration in case of any issue with customers and hotel management. Hotel reservation letter is also a point of communication between hotel management and respected guests so it must accomplished in the way to look very professional. However, reservation of rooms and dining can be retrieved on request of guests and can also be updated if extended by the guests.

Hotel reservation letter must be accomplished in the best and professional way. Making it in computer programs is always good instead of hands written reservation letter. Some of hotels and restaurants use their letterheads for accomplishing the requirements of reservation however, five star and high class hotels and restaurants make reservation letter compatible with theme of their restaurant. This is the way you can make it look more professional and attractive as well. When we come to discuss format and contents of hotel reservation letter, they are very similar to other official letters written by business organizations.

It is important to accomplish hotel reservation letter in highly professional way including all contents and information, using best font size and style, making it to the point, concise and details oriented as well. Format, layout and pattern of hotel reservation letter are also very important to consider giving it just a professional and attractive look. Such sorts of hotel documents can help you retain customers for long time. It is best to use ready to use formats and patterns just to put required contents in them for accomplishing best looking hotel reservation letter. Templates are very quick and active in serving this purpose of making hotel reservation and booking letter. Variety of software packages are also available to assist you in creating best looking and professional like hotel reservation and booking letters, document of acknowledgement and piece of appreciation of customers. This letter can also be very helpful in developing marketing strategies and efforts by hotels and restaurants.

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Hotel Reservation Letter

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