Sample Claim Letter

Claim letter is very particular type of letter that is written to make claims on different issues including unsatisfactory performance, product malfunctioning, complaints from companies etc. This letter can also be said a complaint letter. In some instances, you have to write this letter for claiming for property, insurance or other legal issues. Claim letter is very serious and typical type of document that is written in a formal way just to state your complaint, demand or claim for whatever. Claim letter also stands in very professional documents so it must be accomplished in the same way. Here, we will discuss how you can write an impressive and professional like claim letter.

Format is literally important aspect of any professional like letter that you must consider. Format for claim letter would be considered same as other professional like letters are accomplished. However, you can select most appropriate format for claim letter with help of software packages and templates.

When you start writing message body of claim letter, first of all, mention what type of claim you are going to make i.e. insurance, property or someone else. It is important to write for the convenience of reader to understand your real dispute or issue.

You also need to describe specific details about your dispute and issue and must deliver all important facts for the consideration of reader. This would be the way to make claim letter more convincing and professional like.

You would need to give all important dates when you faced issue regarding any aspect and you felt to write claim letter. These dates would help reader understand the whole situation you had to face.

You would have to refer some of important documents as prove of your claim and issue. These documents may include receipts of purchased products, warranty cards, copy of contract or agreement made with insurance company and so on. These attachments would work as record of your transactions and dealings with companies against whom you are making claim.

You must indicate duration or time period in which you want to get reply of your claim letter. It is important to convince reader working on your demand and claims urgently or delayed.

End claim letter thanking the reader to give you a chance to deliver your complaint or claim against company. Such regarding statements are very important part of professional like letters and documents.

All these were specific tips for writing claim letter. Now let’s share some of general tips to write claim letter in the best way.

  • Stay polite, respectful and courteous while writing claim letter as it is one of professional letters and documents and you don’t need to show your anger and aggression for claim.
  • Send claim letter up to valid date and time.
  • Claim letter must be brief but details oriented.
  • Claim letter should be written in appropriate font size, type and style to make it look professional and attractive.
  • Accuracy is must for all professional like documents so there must be no grammar and spelling mistake in claim letter.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Claim Letter to help you start writing your own claim letter quickly,

Claim Letter

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Download Sample Claim Letter.

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