Sample Eviction Letter

If you intend to know what most unlucky thing of being a landlord is, you will realize that it is evicting an occupant. This process is not only costly but also consume a lot of time to end it. In order to lower the costs to the minimum, the conviction proceedings must be performed as early as possible in your own interest. The very first step in this regard is to write a proper eviction letter and send to then tenant and ensure its receipt. The letter should contain the negligence of the tenant, remedy of this negligence as well as the time period to resolve this issue properly. No doubt it is not an easy task for any landlord to write and serve an eviction letter, but this exercise should essentially be taken as soon as possible. In following line some useful steps in this regard are being stated.

The first and important thing you are bound to know is familiarity with eviction law in your particular area. Eviction laws vary not only from state to state in the United States but are also different between should be noted that in most of US states landlords have to allow a period from 30 to 90 days to evacuate the property. If you want to see the thorough law in your area, you should visit the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development. In this regard, you can also come in contact with the Department of Consumer Affairs of the particular state.

When going through the exercise of writing an eviction letter, you should use business style layout. You have to adopt a professional manner and method in a prescribed way while writing this letter. For this purpose, you will write the tenant’s name along with formal salutation and hid address on the left hand margin of your letter while the name of the concerned landlord and address is required to be placed   on the right hand margin.  Beneath the name and address of the landlord, the date of writing this letter will be written.

In the first part of the letter’s body you will aquatint the tenant about the derelictions of the terms and conditions of the lease he has exercised this part. This should contain the landlord’s business, the tenant’s name and the date of the tenancy. In the next sentences you will ask him why he is violating the terms of lease.

The letter should also suggest the measures that the tenant must adopt to cope with the situation within stipulated period. This period may be from three to sixty has been observed that non-payment of rent is the most common reason of eviction. For this reason, a three-day notice is required. In case of non-payment of utilities, late fees and derelictions of monetary obligations, also the notice of three is served. When the occupants have lived on the possessions for more than one year, a lease of sixty days is obligatory.

The letter is sent to the tenant after writing his address when landlord signs on it.

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