Sample Demand Letter

Demand letter is one of important documents or letters to be used in our personal as well as professional life. Mainly demand letters are written in all civil cases including payment issues, property issues, business conflicts and claims. Insurance claim negotiation is mostly involved in writing demand letter. If you are writing demand letter for insurance claim so you have to send strongest arguments of your incident or accident to insurance organization or company. Your arguments would be:

  • What were or what are your injuries?
  • Is there any other person responsible for your injuries?
  • What was your medical treatment for your injuries?
  • How much that treatment cost?
  • Is there any damage you have to suffer?

All these are points that you need to remember before you start writing demand letter for insurance claim. Remember, demand letter is very important to make you win the clam against insurance company so it must be written in the best format, concise, detailed oriented and looking very professional. Demand letter can be drafted in several of methods including software packages, manually creating and using templates. It is up to you which method you select to draft this important letter but you must focus on accomplishing its requirements and basics regarding drafting. Given below are some of dos and don’ts of writing demand letter in a professional way.

Dos for writing demand letter

  • Clearly describe whole history of your incident, accident, dispute or issue.
  • Also mention why there was not agreement yet.
  • Give details of your loss and damages in incident or accident.
  • Also mention individuals involve in that incident or accident.
  • Arrange it chronologically.
  • Be clear and straight forward in writing demand letter.
  • Avoid using extra fancy words to support your arguments.
  • Make it concise but avoid missing any important information.
  • Must include amount if it is debt settlement.
  • Also include important dates to support your arguments.

Don’ts of writing demand letter

  • Avoid threatening others while writing demand letter.
  • Avoid using aggressive words and language.
  • Don’t show negative mood or negative approach as it will lessen your chances to win claim.
  • If your claim ends up in the court, the judge will be that last individual who will write your demand letter so you must avoid creating any embarrassing situation for yourself.

When you talk about length of demand letter, there is no maximum and minimum shortness and length of demand letter as it just depends on information you need to convey through this letter. However, demand letter must be objective and professional like not just a list of your extravagant demands for punishing other individuals who may involved in the incident, accident, dispute etc. Clear and straight forward demand letter will also show your interest in lawsuits and will convey you want to win the claim in the right way.

All these are things that you need to consider while writing a demand letter in most professional way.

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Demand Letter

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