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Introduction letter is one that can be said cover letter enclosed with resume at the time of submission before potential employer. Hence introduction or cover letter is of greater importance for job seekers to represent themselves in the most professional way before potential employer. Introduction letter is very first point of communication between you and employer so it must be very convincing, winning and professional like. You may have included all required contents, requirements and basics of cover letter but sometimes small things make bigger differences and you have to admit them in that particular situation. So go for reading some of important tips to write cover letter in the best and winning manner.

Mainly tips are not thing to be shared with you in fact job seekers make some mistakes while writing cover letter and resume. Here, I want to make you aware of such mistakes no to do while you want to write a convincing and winning introduction letter. Following can be said golden rules for writing cover letter.

  • It is often seen that most of job seekers repeat their resumes in cover letter just in paragraph format that’s mean they repeat their resumes while sending in same email, mail or fax. Cover letter contents and information is quite different than you include in your resume. Cover letter is just about giving your brief introduction, discussing about how did you come to know about the company, on which position you want to work, some of narrations of company introduction, highlighting some of your professional abilities according to the job posted etc. You need to show your personality, curiosity and interest in the job position vacant and you are going to apply for it.
  • It is best to write cover letter or introduction letter short and brief rather than narrating long stories about yourself and company. A cover letter is such a document that is reviewed by employer within seconds so you must try to write short but winning cover letter to attract attention of reader.
  • Addressing nobody in the cover letter is one of biggest thing that you must consider for making it winning and professional like. This is for you don’t know to whom you are going to address i.e. Mr. or Miss. So it is better to write Dear hiring manager or to whom it may concern. That is more like professional.
  • PDF files are easier to open without any conversion but docs and pages files cannot be read by in every office so it is better to send resume and cover letter in PDF format for the convenience of employer.
  • Using phrase like “My name is …….. And I want to apply for the position of………… would be totally wrong and would show you just inexperienced. This is big mistake so you must avoid writing in such a way.
  • Closing or ending of cover letter or introduction letter must be very convincing and strong to attract reader’s attention to call you for interview meeting.

All these are tips and secrets that you must follow to write introduction letter in the best convincing way.

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Introduction letter

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