Leave Application Letter

Drafting leave application letter is literally important to get leave from your office or workplace. There may be several reasons for taking leave from your workplace and you are bound to tell and inform authority for taking leave and making this process professional like. Taking leave without writing application letter would be considered as absence from workplace and this is surely not a professional attitude. Leave application letter would also be a written proof or record of your absence if there is any issue to precede lawsuit against you. That’s why writing leave application letter is very important on your behalf.

Leave application letter must be written in a professional way like other documents and letters are accomplished to stay professional. If you are looking for the way to write leave application in its best format and professional look, you are suggested to keep reading the following lines as we are going to discuss tips and guidelines for writing leave application letter.

  • Leave application letter must be very formal.
  • It should also be brief and concise.
  • It should start from mentioning the reasons for taking leave.
  • Duration or period of leave must also be mentioned in the leave application letter.
  • If you have to delegate your duties and responsibilities to entrusted person, must include his/her name, designation and other relevant information and give proper charge to him/her.
  • Hand written leave application letter is considered illegible to accept so try to draft it in the best way.
  • If your organization of company is strict in leave policies, you must follow rules and regulations of taking leave.
  • Format of leave application letter is also very important to consider and you must adhere to accomplish it in the best way. Format contents of leave application letter include your name, address, date, subject, salutations or greetings, body of letter, valediction and your name and signature.
  • Use best appropriate font size and style to make leave application letter easy to read and understand.

Leave application letter stands in important official documents so it must be drafted in the professional like. Drafting leave application letter in computer software is better than hand written. Several of other ways are here to make you convenient in making leave application letter in best and professional format. For example, you can take help form variety of software packages that allow you to draft such official letters and documents in the best way. It also takes short time to create such letters with help of these programs. You can also take help from templates that are easily available on variety of websites. Even lots of websites provide you with free downloading of templates and help you to make a professional looking leave application letter. Templates are considered most reliable way of making such letters and documents as they provide ready to use format and you just need to put your contents information in that format. How would it nice when you will take short time, no money and stay easy to make leave application letter with help of leave application letter template.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Leave Application Letter created using MS Word,

Leave Application Letter

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